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The Respective Conditions Of Use Of Copper-plastic Composite Tape
- Sep 20, 2018 -

First, the thickness of the copper foil in the copper-plastic composite tape is smaller than the thickness of the copper tape, so a layer of plastic is needed to increase the strength, which is convenient for processing and can reduce the cost.

Secondly, the plastic layer melts under heat and blocks the gap, which can play a waterproof role.

However, due to the action of plastics, a closed shielding structure cannot be formed, and there are differences in the shielding effect. Different materials are selected according to the use of the cable. For the simple use of the shielding structure (mainly refers to the form of wrapping), copper plastic The composite tape cannot be used. Firstly, the cross section of such a copper is certainly small, which has an influence on the transmission of the short-circuit current of the cable. Secondly, the tape has a plastic film, and the film is easy to be used when the outer sheath is extruded. The sheath is bonded and the current transfer direction in the copper strip is changed. However, if the user does not require it, using such a belt is a good thing for the manufacturer and can save costs!