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How To Distinguish The Difference Between Single And Double Copper Foil
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Single and double-lead copper foil manufacturers, double-sided copper foil tape on one side of the conductive acrylic adhesive, both sides have conductive properties; single-lead copper foil tape on one side of the non-conductive acrylic adhesive, the adhesive surface does not have conductive properties, mainly from the following Identification in two ways:

1. Appearance: double-lead copper foil tape, the rubberized surface contains fine particles (metal particles, which act as conductive), which is slightly uneven; the single-lead copper foil backing surface has no fine particles, and is flat;

2. Test: Use a multimeter to measure.

Single and double copper foil analysis, shielding material series conductive copper foil tape; single, double conductive copper foil tape, thickness 18U-25U-35U-50-70U-85U, length 50M, width; arbitrary, can be die cut into various Regular shape is an indispensable ingredient in the electronics industry, mainly used, transformers, mobile phones, computers, electronic products shielding applications.

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