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Waterproof cable structure type
- Sep 20, 2018 -

1. For a single-core cable, a semi-conductive water hose is wrapped around the insulating shield, and a common water-blocking tape is wrapped around the outer casing, and then the outer sheath is extruded, so as to ensure sufficient contact of the metal shield, only outside the insulating shield. Wrap the single-conductor water belt, the metal shield does not wrap around the water-blocking strip. Depending on the waterproof performance requirements, the filling can be filled with ordinary filling or water-blocking. The inner liner and outer sheath material are the same as the single-core cable. .

2. The aluminum-plastic composite tape layer is longitudinally wrapped inside the outer sheath or the inner liner as a waterproof layer.

3. Squeeze the HDPE outer sheath directly on the outside of the cable.

For XLPE insulated cables above 110kV, the metal sheath is mainly used to achieve waterproof requirements. The metal sheath has complete impermeability and good radial water blocking performance. The metal sheaths mainly include: hot-pressed aluminum sleeves. , hot-pressed lead sleeve, welded wrinkle aluminum sleeve, welded corrugated steel sleeve, cold drawn metal sleeve, etc.