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The difference between waterproof cable and water blocking cable
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Waterproof cable: Prevents water from entering the interior of the cable structure, using waterproof structures and materials.

Water-blocking cable: Allows water to enter the inside of the cable. Under the specified conditions, it is not allowed to penetrate to the specified length. The water-blocking cable is divided into conductor water blocking and cable core blocking.

Conductor water blocking structure: Generally, a water blocking powder and a water blocking yarn are added between the stranded conductor monofilaments in the monofilament stranding process, and when the conductor enters the water, the water blocking powder or the water blocking yarn expands with water to prevent water penetration. Of course, solid conductors have better water blocking properties.

Cable core water blocking structure: single core cable is convenient. Wrap one or more layers of water blocking tape around the copper shield, and then squeeze the outer sheath. When the outer sheath is damaged, the water blocking belt will expand with water. After the water blocking belt expands, the water blocking section is formed quickly, which prevents further penetration of the water. For the three-core cable, it is quite difficult to block the overall water blocking of the cable core because the intermediate core of the three-core cable has a large gap and is irregular. That is, the water blocking tape is completely filled, and the water blocking effect is not good. It is recommended that each wire core be produced according to a single core water blocking structure, and then cabled.