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Process characteristics of single-sided aluminum foil Mylar
- Sep 20, 2018 -

There are two kinds of medicinal single-sided aluminum foil Mylar which are common in the market. They are 8011 aluminum foil Mylar and 8021 aluminum foil Mylar. The 8011 alloy is generally less than 0.05mm thick, and the 8021 alloy is more than 0.05mm thick. In general, the main production process is: blank inspection - blank rolling - open medium rolling - rolling rolling - rolling finished - slitting - furnace annealing - finished packaging. The surface of medicinal aluminum foil Mylar requires no oil stain, no bright crystal, no black line, no pinhole, no yellow spot, no fringe, etc. In the production process, the control of surface and performance is mainly a few points:

First, we must first control the quality from the source and strictly test the blanks;

Second, in the rolling process, the surface quality is controlled by the cleaning of the rolls and the control of the roughness, the selection of the rolling oil, the reduction of the viscosity of the rolling oil and the control of the running speed of the machine;

Third, again, in the process of slitting, it is necessary to ensure that the edge of the aluminum coil is neatly trimmed during slitting, and that quality problems such as ruffles cannot occur;

Fourth, in the annealing process, according to the performance requirements of the medicinal single-sided aluminum foil to control the annealing time and annealing temperature to ensure clean degreasing.