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Mica tape preparation before production
- Sep 20, 2018 -

1. Place the tool and gauge on the workbench and check that the gauge is zero.

2. Check if the mica tape is normal. If it is abnormal, immediately report it to the maintenance personnel for repair.

3. Prepare semi-finished products and materials according to the production plan, and check whether the semi-finished products, materials are qualified and meet the process requirements, and install the qualified copper wire on the pay-off frame and adjust the tension.

4. Hang the gear according to the winding pitch of the process, and select the wrapping die according to the process requirements.

5. According to the mica tape of the process, the mica tape is sequentially placed on the wrapping head according to the number of wrapping layers, and the tension of the mica tape is adjusted, and the mica tape winding guide bar is sequentially pulled to the front of the mold.

6. Prepare the take-up reel as required, check that the reel is intact, and install the take-up reel on the take-up reel.

7. Pull the traction wire through the traction wheel for 3-4 turns, fix one end of the pull wire to the take-up reel, and pull the other end to the front of the wrap.