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Linear density algorithm for mesh filled ropes for cables
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Many cable manufacturers consult the definition and calculation method of the linear density of the filled rope, and now make an operation demonstration.

1. First define what is the line density of the filling rope: the density and specific gravity of the filling rope. The unit is: “g/m”, “D”, “Ktex”. The latter two units are more professional and generally use “g/m”. ”

2. Why do you need to know the linear density of the filled rope? The cable factory must take into account the production cost accounting in the production process. With this indicator, the usage and cost of the filling rope can be calculated.

3. Calculation method: take a 10 m long filling rope, weigh its weight, and calculate the weight of 1 m in g/m = Ktex = 10000D

For example, if the 10-meter filling rope weighs 6.8g, the linear density (specific gravity) is 0.68g/m=0.68 Ktex=6800D.

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