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Drainage line function of aluminum-plastic composite belt
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Because the copper-plastic composite tape, aluminum-plastic composite tape and other shielding materials will generate an induced current, this induced current forms a charge accumulation on the surface of the metal shield layer. This charge accumulation makes the electromagnetic field distribution more complicated because the signal current frequency and intensity are Constantly changing, so the induced voltage on the metal shield is constantly changing. When the voltage changes, the charge flow is formed. The drain line is used to remove these charges in time to avoid electric field concentration caused by charge accumulation.

The energy loss of the induced magnetic field generated by the shielding material is also irreversible. Of course, the relatively perfect closed magnetic field provided by the metal shielding layer to the data cable contributes far more to the improvement of the cable attenuation performance, return loss and other indicators.

Cables that generally use a drain wire are mostly open-field magnetic cables. Coaxial structures are rarely used, mainly because the magnetic field of the coaxial cable is closed.