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Aluminum foil Mylar processing status
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Aluminum foil Mylar can be divided into plain foil, embossed foil, composite foil, coated foil, colored aluminum foil and printed aluminum foil according to the processing state.

1. Plain foil: Aluminum foil, also called light foil, without any other processing after rolling.

2. Embossed foil: aluminum foil with various patterns on the surface.

3. Composite foil: A composite aluminum foil formed by laminating aluminum foil and paper, plastic film, and cardboard.

4. Coated foil: aluminum foil coated with various types of resin or lacquer on the surface.

5. Color aluminum foil: The surface is coated with a single color of aluminum foil.

6. Printing aluminum foil: Aluminum foil Mylar factory analysis, by printing on the surface to form a variety of patterns, patterns, text or picture of aluminum foil, can be a color, up to 12 colors.